Deco-Pour™ Terrazzo
Deco-Pour™ Terrazzo is the mainstay of our product line. It is our solution to the difficulties incurred when installing standard terrazzo systems - such as high cost, slow installation and sustainability & high VOC. Poured at 3/8", Deco-Pour™ is comparable to any terrazzo product on the market. Custom colors are produced using any of the Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams Paint Product Line. Available aggregates include glass, marble, mirror and exotic shell and more!

Deco-Pour™ Polished Overlay
Deco-Pour™ Polished Overlay has the same inherent qualities as Deco-Pour™ Terrazzo, but without added aggregates. Deco-Pour overlay has the appearance of polished concrete with salt and pepper aggregates throughout. The result is a beautiful, integrally colored floor with a highly polished finish. Custom colors are produced using any of the Benjamin Moor or Sherwin Williams Paint Product Line.

Deco-Pour™ over Wood or Tile
Deco-Pour™ has eliminated the need to remove wood or tile flooring before installation. We can easily apply one of Deco-Pour’s™ products over your existing wood, tile or any solid bondable surface, saving you time, money and the need for disposal of existing surfaces.

Deco-Pour™ Sound Control System
We have partnered with Enkasonic to provide our customers with an integrated sound control system. This system, coupled with Deco-Pour’s™ patented process, will greatly decrease the amount of sound transferred through the floor.

Polished Concrete
Polished Concrete is a long-lasting, very minimal maintenance finish that hardens the actual surface of your concrete floor, eliminating the need for harmful and non-lasting coatings and sealers. We enhance your existing concrete by using a true 7 step diamond polishing process as well as hardening the surface with densifiers, thus eliminating the cost to replace consumable floor covering. Because we create our own dyes, our polished concrete can be stained to match just about any decor, providing extremely long lasting value and beauty. Polished concrete can brighten a room naturally, as well as help people with repertory issues. For any questions about our unique process call or email our office for all the details.

Also read more at the fantastically written link below about polished concrete surfaces:

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Deco-Pour™ venation Terrazzo
Love the look of the detail in the rocks in polished concrete or Terrazzo? With the new Deco-pour Venation Terrazzo we use extra-large aggregates so you have more control of design options and see more stone detail. You can create borders or pathways in the natural overlay for that extra unique finishing touch. Create truly inspirational project with our ton of aggregate options for another 1 of a kind flooring system from us to you.

Deco-Pour™ trowel down 1-2 step polish.
Love the look of the monochromatic natural overlay but looking for some texture and variation? We have developed a system just for you. Bring the depth you want with the shine and the small aggregate for the Deco-Pour Natural overlay for cheaper. With this system we pour, power trowel, one or two step polish and provide you that stunning concrete overlay look, for customers who don’t have a full concrete overlay in there project budget. This product is also so versatile it can be applied to verticals such as: walls, pillars, bar/ counter fronts, wall partitions and more.

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